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"Jen is like a unicorn. She got my 5 year old (that didn’t want to get his head wet) swimming with his face in the water, kicking with his legs, using his arms, and confident enough to jump off our diving board at home. All in 7 days. Our 2 year old daughter that wouldn’t leave the stairs without being held is now reaching with her arms and kick swimming to us a few yards or turning around back to the stairs. She will go from under water, pop up to grab the side of the pool and monkey walk her way to the stairs for safety. Again in 7 days. She is firm enough to command respect yet warm to let the kids know they’re safe and their person to go to in the pool. We recommend anyone who has the opportunity to take lessons with Jen DO SO WITHOUT HESITATION!!! You will Not regret it. Thank you thank you thank you."

Sarah K.
Virgina Beach, VA

My 3.5 year old took swim lessons with coach Jen this past May. Jen was super friendly and my daughter felt comfortable getting in the pool with her immediately. Jen has a super calm demeanor but takes her job seriously. Jen was the perfect combination of sweet but firm and the results were amazing. My daughter no longer needs water wings and I feel so much better about her safety this summer. Cant recommend Jen enough!

Rebecca P.
Atlanta, GA

Jen Lim! We really enjoyed having you come for lessons. Our family and I were amazed at the progress. It's so worth a couple days of crying for a life, not a lifetime of swimming....but seriously a life. I know your techniques save lives. We are so appreciative of what you do. Thank you so much for coming to teach such an important skill to our little ones! 
Have a wonderful stay and hoping next week meets with less crying and lots of fun!

Daniel Island, SC

Testimonials: Testimonials
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