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Swim to Jen

Teaching children to love and respect the water, a critical life skill.

Swim to Jen employs a system of swim instruction that is a 7 day system based primarily on continuity, consistency, and psychology, The No-Nonsense Method. After being trained in this age old method, Coach Jen is excited to continue teaching children along the East Coast.

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What To Expect

All sessions are conducted in 7 consecutive days, usually including weekends. The final schedule for a particular session will be confirmed at the time of registration.


Allow 15 minutes at the pool for one child. The actual water time will be determined by Coach Jen to suit the individual needs of the child. Under no circumstances should you be concerned with the number of minutes, but rather the quality of the instruction and the end result.

Water Temperature is 92-94 Degrees Depending on Time of Year

Continuity is the key to success. Once started, attend all classes in succession. Be on time.  There are no make-ups for voluntary absences. If possible, have the same person bring the child to class each day.


Once completed, the sense of accomplishment your child will have (even at such a young age), will carry over to other parts of their life…and prepares them for the additional challenges they will face as they continue to grow.

 I will get your child (18 months or older) swimming in the shortest amount of time possible using a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach. My method will have students swimming in 7 days or less and loving it!

After The Lessons

As with any area of education, practice is vital to the success of the new swimmer. While your swimmer will have all of the necessary skills and training, practice will reinforce the lessons and create a conditioned response. The rapid, conditioned response is what saves the child’s life.

Use the same drills that we used during the lesson.

Maintain credibility by having the child swim fixed distances.

Be in charge. The parent must dictate any activity that requires a mature and responsible decision.

Do not ask, tell. Use a calm, reassuring voice with lots of encouragement and smiles. But still tell.  Often the child dislikes you for this but it does not negate your love and concern for their safety. Be consistent!  Your child will thank you for it now and later.

Promote slow swimming.  This keeps the new swimmer relaxed and focused as he builds confidence, comfort, and fundamental skills.

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